How to Get Passive Backlinks With Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

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Link-building is an important part of a website’s success, but, at the same time, it is very time-consuming. 

Bloggers have two options:

Work hard and build backlinks, or save time and focus on other things. 

But what if I told you that there was a 3rd option? 

There are some bloggers using AI to generate high-quality backlinks without doing any work!

These people have figured out how to do passive link-building with AI. So, in this article, you will learn how to work smart, not hard, to gain organic traffic. 

Table of Contents: 

  • What Link-Building Strategy Will This Post Focus On? 
  • Is Guest Posting Dead?

Step 1: Passively Secure Guest Posts Through Blogger Outreach

  • Setting up blogger outreach automation 
  • How to Automate Blogger Outreach with Software

Step 2: Using AI to Automate Writing the Posts

  • The Power of Jasper AI for Content Creation
  • Automating Writing Jasper AI: Step-by-Step

What Link-Building Strategy Will This Post Focus On? 

There are countless link-building strategies out there, hundreds. I bet that AI can automate 85% of these strategies. Now, I don’t know how to use AI for everything— I just know how to get passive backlinks through one strategy: 

Guest Posting.

Guest Posting is the foundational link-building strategy and is the easiest method to automate with AI.

Is Guest Posting Dead?

For the people reading this, saying “guest posting is dead,” you’re wrong. People have been saying this for the last 10 years, and it hasn’t gone anywhere. 

(SEO guru talking about how guest blogging is dead almost 10 years ago.) 

The Two Steps to Succeeding at Guest Blogging

Step 1: Secure Guest Posts Through Outreach 

Step 2: Create the content 

That’s all there is to it. 

Step 1: Passively Secure Guest Posts Through Blogger Outreach

Setting up blogger outreach automation 

With AI, you can 100% automate blogger outreach. It will just take some work upfront, and then you are done. 

To step up this automation, you first need a list of websites to contact. The three ways to do this are:

  1. Using software to build a list,
  2. Buying a list from someone online
  3. Manually building a list 

My favorite way is #1. I build my outreach lists in SEMrush’s link-building tool. It is super easy. All you have to do is type in your website and some keywords, then boom! You have a list of 7,000 websites to outreach. 

The next and final step is building your outreach template. I have many guides on how to build your blogger outreach template, so I would get into it. But here are the main components to think about: 

  • Great Subject Line
  • Personalization
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Value Prop/ Unique Leverage Point
  • Open to Any Sort of Collaboration
  • Social Proof

Ok. Once you have these two things set up, you are ready to automate the process with AI. 

How to Automate Blogger Outreach with Software

The way to automate blogger outreach is by using software. With some softwares, you can import a list of websites and the template you made in the previous step. 

Then, you set the number of emails you want to send daily (say 25), and then you are 100% done. The software will

  1. Find the right email address to contact 
  2.  Craft a personalized introduction complimenting the recipient on their most recent article.

3. Send the email out 100% for you. 

So I highly recommend software like this because it works. In fact, I used outreach software to get featured on this guest post that I am currently writing.

Here is the outreach email that my software automatically sent:

Once people start saying yes, the next step is automating the writing of the guest post.  

Step 2: Using AI to Automate Writing the Posts

After automating outreach with AI, the next step is to automate the writing process. 

There are many great AI tools for writing content. My favorite one is called Jasper AI.

The Power of Jasper AI for Content Creation

Jasper AI is an AI platform that can generate human-like written content. Here are some of the software’s best features: 

1. Effortless Content Generation

Many bloggers struggle with writer’s block or brainstorming post ideas. Jasper helps with this by providing you with many writing templates. These templates cover any type of content, making it easy to structure your content. Jasper can also assist with keyword research

2. Tailored to Your Voice

A consistent tone and style across your guest posts is vital for brand identity. Jasper AI understands this and allows you to customize the writing style to match your voice. Jasper can speak in any tone, from formal to conversational. 

3. Quick Keyword Integration

You should optimize all guest posts for keywords. With Jasper, you can type in the keywords you want to rank for, and Jasper will optimize the post accordingly. 

Jasper.AI will add similar, related keywords to further increase ranking odds. 

The software doesn’t litter keywords throughout the post, though. Instead, Jasper will put the keywords in clever places throughout the article. 

4. Generating Engaging Introductions and Conclusions

A great piece of content also has a great introduction and conclusion. The first paragraph is the most-read part of every blog post. 

That’s why Jasper can craft engaging introductions and conclusions. 

Automating Writing Jasper AI: Step-by-Step

Using Jasper AI to automate your guest post creation is a simple process:

1. Choose the Right Template

You can start by picking a writing template that makes sense per the style and purpose of the post..

Jasper AI provides a ton of templates, so you will not have a hard time finding a good match. 

2. Input Relevant Information

Next, you need to give Jasper details about the post you want to write. This includes your tone, keywords, and what you want to talk about in the content. 

3. Let Jasper AI Work It’s Magic

Once you’ve typed in the information, Jasper takes over. With a massive database of patterns and phrases, the software will build an A-grade post. I’ve found the quality to be outstanding.

4. Review and Refine

Now, while the AI is amazing, it does make mistakes. Also, you never know if Google will penalize AI content in the future.

That’s why adding a human touch to every article is crucial. Make sure that the content:

  1. Aligns with yourself 
  2. Displays correct information 
  3. Is following the host site’s guidelines


That’s it. If you take action on the steps above, you will successfully build a system for gaining passive backlinks with AI.  

While this is still a little work on your end, it is 90% less work than before. AI is still generally new but is improving at a scary rate.

 So, you can expect AI to automate this entire process very soon. 

It’s important for you to start using AI and get ahead of the learning curve. That way, you can dominate the competitive landscape in the future. 

AI is taking over, so you will dominate search engines if you can learn how to harness it for your blog. 



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